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Laser Hair Removal

Permanent hair removal brings an end to the inconvenience of shaving, waxing, and depilatory creams. No more ingrown hairs or rashes, just silky-smooth skin. 

Best machine ever!

Painless sessions and long-lasting results

Our most advanced machine for hair laser removal "Cynosure Elite Plus" gives you long-lasting results without the pain and fewer sessions for the perfect results.

Wellness By Design - Lisar Hair removal 2022.png
Wellness By Design - Hair removal offers

New Experience!

Wellness By Design offers you the most reliable and efficient Laser Hair Removal Treatment in Dubai by using the latest technological machine. The treatment is fast, effective, and removes your hair permanently—no more painful waxing and getting frustrated over razor hair removal.

The procedure is virtually painless and leaves smooth, fresh, and silky skin behind. What makes it efficient is that Laser hair removal can be carried out on your entire body.

Our expert dermatologists use innovative technology to provide the finest laser hair removal procedure in Dubai. We make sure your reach your body goals with ultimate care and perfection.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

  • It is a non-invasive treatment—no pain. Although, few patients have reported mild discomfort during the procedure. Our experts at Wellness By Design make sure to maximize the comfort of the patient.

  • Get rid of razor burns and rashes. Laser Hair Removal leaves you with more attractive and silkier skin.

  • One-time investment and permanent relief from unwanted hair—get results worth the investment.

  • The treatment is best for both men and women. The results are impressive and permanent for every skin type.

  • There is no downtime, and you can carry on your usual activities after the treatment.

  • Despite mild redness—which only lasts for a few hours, there are no long-term side effects.

  • Provides instant results. It saves time as compared to conventional shaving or waxing.

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