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Nutrition Clinic

The Nutrition Department at Wellness By Design strives to provide outstanding care to its patients. We are in charge of translating the art and science of nutrition into sound practices,

The main aim is to assist our patients

 in living a healthier lifestyle 

as well as informing patients about the connection between proper nutrition and excellent health and determining, preparing, and reviewing the patient's nutritional status.

What is Nutrition science?

Nutrition science is mainly concerned with nutritional concerns and health issues related to food, feeding, and medicine.


It's a broad field with roots in chemistry, biology, and the social sciences, as well as a wide range of expertise in different areas like food and wellness, community nutrition, and nutrition education.


Nutritional research also involves the study of food-related habits and social influences.

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The Clinic Scope

At Wellness By Design, we've been ardent about supporting a healthy diet and lifestyle since the beginning. We have a well-managed team of dieticians, nutritionists, and counsellors who take care of the nutrition and lifestyle and focus on providing supreme nutrition services to the patient.

Via one-on-one dietary consultations and community programmes, we are committed to assisting clients in achieving and sustaining long-term wellbeing goals and creating sustainable healthy lifestyles. A dietician manages a patient's nutrition based on their unique requirements, whether it's for a medical disorder or to evaluate, diagnose, and treat nutritional issues.


They also assist in the development and improvement of enteral and parenteral nutrition and health regimens for new-borns, as well as nutrition and health advice for babies, teenagers, teens, and adults.

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